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Today in meeting with my fantastic Website designer, I realized that I had – for some unknown reason – stopped blogging on my Website. So once again, I vow to keep you posted regarding what’s going on in my producing, directing, and acting careers, as well as share any inside information I have about the theater scene in New York as well.

I’ve recently been singing more, and enjoying it more, as well as appearing in some readings. Most recently with Robert Cuciolli in a TRU reading of EMPTY NESTERS. I also took a refresher course called “Who Get’s What?” through The Commercial Theater Insitute. CTI provides education on producing, with one day seminars, 3 day weekend seminars, the 14 week course and a 10 day course up at The O’Neil Center in Connecticut. I’ve been producing at the Broadway level for almost 10 years now, but a lot of information that was taught in the seminar that I attended this past Monday is information that I relied on my General Manager to know. I decided it was time I knew it myself, and was happy to see a number of other producers and general managers there for a brush up as well. A little like a hair dresser knowing the latest haircuts and techniques. I absolutely enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone interested in producing for the commercial theater..

Stay cool and if there are any tickets left, go see MACBETH at The Armory. I hear it’s terrific.

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